Joe Piscopo and Maria Bartiromo Work the RNC Floor

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Joe Piscopo, Maria Bartiromo join the party on the RNC floor

Comedian Joe Piscopo and FBN's Maria Bartiromo tour the floor of the Republican Convention and meet some of the delegates.

New York and New Jersey are in the house! Or at least in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention this week.

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“I love that Donald Trump put New York front and center… and Chris Christie had New Jersey front and center. It doesn’t always happen like that,” said actor and comedian Joe Piscopo.

The New Jersey native joined forces with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, who is also from Brooklyn, New York to work the room in the Quicken Loans Arena.

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They mingled with a variety of delegates like vice presidential nominee Mike Pence’s family, a millennial and a representative from Guam who all showed up to support  Donald Trump.

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