Jeb Bush: We Will Make the U.S. an Economic Superpower

Former Gov. Jeb Bush is officially the GOP’s newest presidential candidate. In a speech this afternoon in Miami, he announced his run for the White House, describing the U.S. as a big and over-regulated government.

“What the IRS, EPA and the entire bureaucracy have done with over regulation, we can undo by act of Congress and order of the president,” said Bush.

The former governor of Florida pushed the benefits of small government.

“When we get serious about limited government, we can pursue the great and worthy goals that America has gone too long without,” he stated.

On foreign policy, Bush said the U.S. needs to repair its relationships with its allies.

“We keep dependable friends in this world by being dependable ourselves. I will rebuild our vital friendships, and that starts by standing with the brave democratic state of Israel.”

Bush added that part of any rebuilding efforts would include Cuba.

“We need an American president to go to Havana in solidarity with a free Cuban people, and I’m ready to be that president,” he said to a cheering crowd while alternating between speaking English and Spanish throughout his remarks.

Bush is entering a packed GOP field, joining the likes of Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Ted Cruz, all of whom are highlighting the U.S. economy on the campaign trail. In his 2016 bid for the White House, Bush is hoping to catapult the U.S. back to a global leader.

“We will make the United States of America an economic superpower like no other,” he said adding the U.S. economy could be growing at a 4% clip.