Japan should start developing their own nuclear program, says Oliver North

“War Stories” host Lt. Col. Oliver North (Ret.) explained how the Japanese can help the U.S. stabilize North Korea’s nuclear program and why stricter sanctions need to be placed on companies doing business with the Hermit Kingdom.

On Tuesday, North Korea test-launched a new type of missile, which experts say has the capability of hitting many U.S. military bases, including Alaska.

“When they [North Korea] tested that weapon, they did things that they’d never been able to do before and ought to put the fear of god into everybody in the neighborhood to include the Japanese,” he told FOX Business’ Varney & Co.

The former U.S. Marine believes Japan should “amend their constitution and start developing their own nuclear program.”

The Trump administration recently severed financial ties American banks may have with China’s Bank Of Dandong, due to the bank's alleged dealings with North Korea.

“China is not going to help until Beijing feels the pain and before we actually do a conventional strike, we outta impose some real sanctions against any company doing any business whatsoever with both the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Iran. If they can’t do business anywhere in the world, they will stop doing what they are doing,” he said.

Oliver added “we do have the ability to turn North Korea into an overdone Pop-Tart if we really want to use conventional weapons to do that.”