Ivanka Trump says she advised her dad on immigration crisis

Before President Trump signed the executive order to stop his administration’s own policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the Southern border, his daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump spoke to him about the issue.

“I have a very strong opinion on that subject,” she said during an interview with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo.

Trump was not the only family member to speak out. First Lady Melania Trump went to the U.S.-Mexico border twice to meet with Border Patrol officials and tour classrooms where children, some of whom were separated from their parents, were being held. The Trump administration faced widespread furor last week after it began forcibly separating and detaining children from their parents who had entered the U.S. illegally. Trump signed just a few days later an executive order that purports to end the policy by keeping families together when they’re detained. However, there are reportedly still hundreds of children separated from their parents.