Israeli Ambassador to the UN: There is Anti-Semitism at the UN

Outrage emerged among politicians from both Israel and the U.S. following the United Nations resolution passed last week condemning Israeli settlements.

“[Secretary of State John Kerry’s] speech was a failed attempt to defend the indefensible,” Danny Danon, Israeli Ambassador to the UN, told the FOX Business Network. “The resolution that passed last Friday was a bad resolution, a one-sided resolution, a shameful resolution.”

Danon added that there “is anti-Semitism at the U.N.” and that a clear message needs to be sent to officials at the international organization.

“Promote peace, build bridges, stop with the hatred and incitement,” he said.

The Ambassador said both he and the country of Israel are looking forward to working with the new administration come January 20.

“I have met with President-elect Trump in the past and we know that he’s connected to Israel,” said Danon.