Israeli Amb. to UN: We have a strong bond with the American people

President Trump said the U.S. will always stand by Israel’s side as he signed a proclamation recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights—a strategic border area disputed by Israel and Syria for decades.

This comes as Gaza militants renewed rocket strikes towards Israel.

Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon told FOX Business’ Melissa Francis that the Hamas air strikes hit too close to home.

“This time, it’s my community, my villages,” he said on Monday. “I lived with my parents in Israel, our house was destroyed, [and] seven people were wounded. They are retaliating civilian population. “So we will not sit idly by, we will retaliate it.”

Danon said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to fight back Hamas’ act of aggression.

“Our air force is striking in Gaza, and we are sending a very clear message to the Hamas. We will retaliate, you will pay a very heavy price for that.”

As for the critical timing of the confrontation with Hamas, which comes just two weeks ahead of Israel’s Knesset election, Danon said Netanyahu is determined to ensure the safety of Israeli citizens.


“Every decision the Prime Minister would take, people would blame it is a political decision,” he said. “The Prime Minister is committed to secure the safety of the citizens of Israel.”

Danon praised the Trump administration’s policy towards Israel saying, “it is not the first time that the president is supporting Israel, we saw it first when he decided to pull out of the Iran deal and second when he moved the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Today, it’s the third act of support, we are grateful for that. We know we can trust that administration, and we have a strong bond with the American people.”