ISIS destroyed in Iraq but will 'pop up like cockroaches somewhere else': Fmr. CIA Officer

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Are we beating ISIS on all fronts? CIA's Baker says 'no'

Former CIA Covert Operations Officer Mike Baker discusses the implications of defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

President Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday, touting America’s success in defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq. But former CIA Covert Operations Officer Mike Baker said we are not winning the war on ISIS on all fronts.

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“The fact that we defeat them on the ground in Syria and Iraq is important… that doesn’t mean the end of extremism of Jihad of Muslim extremism around the world," he said. "It will morph as it has over the years. They tend to adapt. Every time they lose in one place, they tend to pop up like cockroaches somewhere else."

Baker also said the U.S. would play a role--and a hefty price tag--in rebuilding Mosul.

“The tab that’s been building when people talk about rebuilding that infrastructure is enormous, it’s in the multiple billions… we will undoubtable be part of that,” he said.

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He added, the goal is to get regional allies involved, but Iran’s influence might stand in the way.

“Iran is not going to back out of Iraq just because we defeat ISIS we’ve still got some of these same issues. Iran has more influence in Iraq than they’ve had in ages. They’ve got more influence in the Middle East then they’ve had in modern times,” he said.

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