Is the Media Protecting Donald Trump?

During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay lashed out against the media for protecting Donald Trump.

“The media won’t report what’s really happening on the ground…They will not investigate Donald Trump. When have you seen a story written about Donald Trump’s sleazy business practices? There’s plenty of stories out there about that. The media is protecting Donald Trump either because they want him to be the nominee against Hillary Clinton or they‘re big buddies of his. Most of the media comes from New York and they are buddies,” he said.

DeLay argued that he had been talking about Donald Trump since he got into the race.

“I called for a convention in September… The conservatives have been meeting for a year concerned about Donald Trump and they came out in October unified against Donald Trump. That was never reported,” he said.

He also discussed conservatives concerns over lack of leadership in the Republican Party.

“I’ve been screaming about the lack of leadership for the last four years in the House and the Senate. I’ve been screaming about the fact that we are in this mess because of the Republicans in the House and the Senate not standing up and fighting for what the people sent them there to fight for.”

DeLay argued that the lack of detail on waste-fraud and abuse, spending and foreign policy was “very embarrassing for Donald Trump in the last Fox News debate and hasn’t resonated with his core followers.

“Thirty-five percent are going with Trump… There’s 64 percent that aren’t going with Trump and the media refuses to speak up and talk to the 65 percent that are not voting for Trump,” he said.

With 35 states left, Trump has retained 329 of the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential nominee (Cruz trails with 231 delegates), DeLay maintained the race is far from over.

“For every state that he loses, it’s less likely that he gets 1,237 delegates but if Trump loses Florida and Ohio, there is no way he is going to be the nominee,” he said.

In the event of a brokered convention going into the Republican National Convention, Delay said “that’s what conventions are for.”

DeLay added: “This is a nominating process. This is not electing a president. The party gets to nominate who they want to represent them and because we haven’t been going to conventions in the past doesn’t change the fact that the convention ultimately decides who is going to be the nominee by voting a majority of the delegates that have been picked because of the primary,” he said.

So are Republicans handing over the election to Clinton? DeLay says, it’s a ploy by Democrats to cover up their flawed candidate.

“Clinton is a flawed candidate, the Democrats are voting in our primaries because they want a flawed candidate to run against -- and there is no bigger flawed candidate than Donald Trump. His character, his business practices, he’s not a conservative. They would just love to run against Donald Trump because that will cover up the fact that they have a flawed candidate,” he said.

DeLay was also pressed on the media making the same points.