Is Hillary Clinton Above the Law?

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, California Republican lawmaker Darryl Issa provided detailed analysis of Hillary Clinton’s email probe.

“It is a crime to release source and methods. Scooter Libby went to jail just for saying he didn’t remember something related to sources and methods that he actually didn’t have anything to do with. David Petreaus is now a convicted criminal because he released information to his biographer,” he said.

“It is serious business to release information that may be classified or to deal with in a way that is wrong…It’s not a punishable crime to have an email server. It is a punishable crime to use that in a way that is reckless to American secrets.”

Issa shared his views on FBI director James Comey in particular and how the Justice Department has handled the case so far.

“I hear you say he’s [Comey] a solid citizen. What I would say is this Justice Department, so far, including the FBI director haven’t found the ability to indict any members of the administration, including Lois Lerner… The fact is Lois Lerner was not presented to a Grand Jury -- that was a failure to enforce a statute. We have a similar situation in that no matter what we send to the FBI, they don’t seem to find much and the case is closed,” he said.

He also discussed what’s next for the email investigation.

“If he [Comey] brings it [charges] against nobody, then in fact, he clearly has not done his job. If he brings it against her key staff who originated some of these emails, who obviously didn’t make up classified information-- it had to be shown to them, then he begins a process in which they may take the wrap if you will, or they may admit that it wasn’t an accident that they didn’t just violate the law but in fact Hillary Clinton knew it,” Issa noted.

Depending on whether staffers plead to felonies, Issa says the case could end without even getting to Clinton.

“Maybe her followers can say she badly represented and it was bad judgment… I think [Huma] and other key staffers did what she wanted to do and now that it looks bad she’s pretending she doesn’t understand Millennials, new technology, Blackberries… She suddenly doesn’t understand technology or government rules,” he said.

Issa also discussed Comey’s legacy.

“Right now he’s betting his reputation on demanding that employees of Apple Corporation develop something so that he can spy on Americans likely without our permission.”