IRS places lien against controversial Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby for unpaid taxes

The IRS placed a $45,000 lien against Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby and her husband Nick Mosby -- a Democratic nominee for City Council president -- after it was discovered they had three years of unpaid federal taxes, according to official records.

The taxes in question are from 2014, 2015, and 2016," The Baltimore Sun reported. The IRS filing reportedly showed the Mosbys owe $23,000 for 2014, more than $19,000 for 2015, and around $3,000 for 2016.

The Mosbys each sent the same statement from their respective offices.

"I have been in ongoing conversations with the IRS for five years about the tax consequences of an early withdrawal from my retirement savings plan, which I did to support unplanned expenses after a series of family tragedies," the Mosbys' said in their statement. "I expect to have the issue resolved in the coming days."

Tax liens can result in a government seizure of property and financial assets in order to cover the cost owed.

Marilyn, who serves as State's Attorney for Baltimore, earns close to $240,000 a year and Nick Mosby earns $50,000 as a state delegate. He would go on to make $119,000 as City Council president if he wins in upcoming the November election.

Marilyn is also known for her mishandling of the Freddy Gray case, which involved the death of a 25-year-old Black man whose neck was broken while he was handcuffed and shackled -- but left unrestrained -- in the back of a police van in April 2015.


His death added fuel to the growing Black Lives Matter movement and set off massive riots. Her mishandling of the prosecution led to almost every officer having their charges dropped or dismissed, in one way or another.

A judge acquitted three of the officers charged in the case, including the van driver who the state considered the most responsible -- and another officer who was the highest-ranking of the group. A mistrial was declared for a fourth officer when a jury deadlocked.

Marilyn received backlash following the fallout and was accused of bringing the charges for political purposes.

Last month, Fox 45 ran a story about her being under investigation for having accepted luxury travel and lodging accommodations, free of charge.

The outlet's probe found that Germany, Portugal, Africa, and Scotland were just some of the places she had traveled to over the past two years.

"When Operation Crime and Justice first reported on State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's extensive travel and side business, FOX 45 News filed several public information requests for pertinent documents," the article read.

"Those requests were not fulfilled," it continued. "Instead, the State's Attorney's Office asked for thousands of dollars in exchange for certain public records, including $6,480 for specific email records and $156,000 for copies of Mosby's work calendar."


Mosby's office said the high cost is due to the time and effort it would take to properly redact the records.

Sean Kennedy with the Maryland Public Policy Institute told Fox 45, "Marilyn Mosby owes tens of thousands of dollars to a few very select organizations because she got luxury travel from them. She is beholden to them and she owes them favors."

She accepted nearly $30,000 in airfare and hotel stays since 2018, and after her reelection, her free trips went up significantly according to documents obtained by Fox 45.