Irma looters armed with machetes in U.S. Virgin Islands


St.Thomas resident Mike Laplac on Monday said that looters are robbing residents using machetes and guns in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma pummeling the Caribbean island.

“I actually know of eight people that were robbed in broad daylight with machetes for everything they had in their vehicles, including their fuel. Yesterday we spent about 3 ½ hours in a line for fuel, and machetes were pulled there as well. We’re getting stories of people being robbed at gunpoint in their house for something as small as a can of tomato sauce,” he told FOX Business’ Trish Regan on ‘The Intelligence Report.’

Laplac said since the police force is “limited,” he has to protect himself from looters.

“At night right now in my house we have a couple of guys with me, we’re taking four hour shifts and we’re standing out there with the one pistol that we do have, machetes and flashlights to make sure that nobody comes to loot us without us seeing them,” he said.