Iran is trying to create chaos: Rep. Kinzinger

Iranian officials are declaring the rogue nation is getting ready to break key agreements they made in the 2015 nuclear deal. Iran says they will exceed limits on uranium enrichment within 10 days.

The move is being criticized in Washington D.C.

"This is a desperate nation lashing out. A strong country that is secure in its future, with a happy population doesn't attach mines to cargo ships. What they're trying to do is create chaos. They're trying to go right up to the line where they think the U.S. will have a military response, but not cross the line," Illinois Congressman Adam Kizinger (R) said on “Making Money” Monday. "What they want to do is show us that they're still present. They want us to talk about them, to think about them in strong terms and be frightened by what would happen if they go past this nuclear threshold."

Kizinger's words follow strong talk from Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ariz., who told CBS News' "Face the Nation" that the U.S. should launch a “retaliatory strike” against Iran, after they were blamed for a series of oil tanker attacks in the Strait of Hormuz.


While there is no official order for military action from the White House, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Trump Administration is considering a full range of options. Meanwhile, the United States is maintaining crippling sanctions on Iran.

"What is happening right now is that the President has to stand strong," Kizinger said. "He has to use military option if it comes to that. I think we've crossed that threshold, but I don't think he is wrong in not necessarily doing it yet, and let these sanctions hit and they will."