Iran is another Obama mess Trump has to deal with: Varney

Saudi Arabia arrests princes and billionaire business people and freezes their bank accounts. A missile flies over the capital, Riyadh, and the Saudi foreign minister declares that is an act of war.

The price of oil goes to a two year high. What is going on? One word: Iran.

Why should we care? Because the Middle East is, again, on the edge of war. And the whole world feels the impact.

It is Saudi Arabia versus Iran.

At this point, we have to bring up the role of President Obama. He bent over backwards to accommodate Iran. He withdrew our forces from Iraq, and Iran moved in. He pushed a nuke deal that gave the Iranians a ton of cash and an end to sanctions. And they will get a bomb. Iran advanced. President Obama retreated. The Saudis, the Israelis and President Trump now have to deal with the Obama hangover.

This is serious stuff. That missile that flew over Riyadh? Highly provocative. The next one could easily be aimed at Saudi oil fields. And you know what that means—oil goes straight up. Gas prices, too. It would really hurt your money. And as the Saudi foreign minister says: "Iran cannot lob missiles and expect us not to take steps.” They're on the brink.

North Korea’s “Rocket Man.” ObamaCare's chaotic unravelling. And now Iran: One more Obama mess that President Trump has to deal with.