Increase pressure on China to curb North Korea threat: Gen. Keane

Retired U.S. Army Gen. Jack Keane said Thursday President Trump is correct in his approach to intensify sanctions on China, in an effort to curb the nuclear threat of North Korea.

“Anybody doing business with North Korea, any country that we have any relationship with whatsoever, we’re going to ask them to stop, and then were going to ratchet up the sanctions on China,” Keane said during an interview on FOX Business. “We started a couple weeks ago, first time ever by the United States. Those sanctions are going to get much more serious in terms of their financial institutions being cut off from U.S. financial systems and also get our allies to do the very same thing.”

During a speech in Poland on Thursday, President Trump said he’s thinking about “some pretty severe things,” regarding repercussions for North Korea’s provocations with nuclear weapons.

“That doesn’t mean we’re going to do them, I don’t draw red lines,” Trump said.

Despite presidents in the past taking similar approaches regarding sanctions with little success, Keane added that the Trump administration feels “obligated” to follow in his predecessors footsteps because “no one has ever applied this type of maximum pressure.”