Immigration debate: Both sides can claim a political win, Varney says

The president has an immigration deal. A group of Senate Republicans has a deal. Democrat leader Charles Schumer says if we can get a deal that gets 60 votes, "let it rip … let’s go."

President Trump tweeted this: "Wouldn't it be great if we could finally, after so many years, solve the DACA puzzle."

Yes it would. Are we close? Well, if you ignore the public posturing, and focus on politics, I think there's a pretty good shot.

The right has hung its hat on border security and the complete reform of the immigration system. The left is going all-out to keep as many illegals as possible here. Seems like they are miles apart.

But, both sides have a big political incentive to make a deal happen. "Political incentive." That is important.

President Trump campaigned on this. When he rode down the golden escalator, his first policy announcement was "build the wall." He would claim a big win if there's a deal.

The Republican Party wants to be Hispanic-friendly: Key states have a big Hispanic vote. It is in the GOP’s interest to accommodate the Dreamers, and make a deal.

The Democrats shut down the government for the Dreamers, and Nancy Pelosi staged an eight-hour speech in support of illegals --They are invested in a deal. They need a deal.

But just as the debate starts in the Senate, both sides are hardening their positions. They have to, the debate is public -- the base, on both sides, must be accommodated. At least in public.

But behind the scenes, the horse trading has begun and this is where any deal will be thrashed out. How many Dreamers get to stay? How much money allocated to build the wall? What changes to chain migration? There is movement.

A personal note: Yes, I am an immigrant, and I have become a citizen. Here's my opinion: First, secure the border. Then offer security to those people who were brought here illegally as youngsters. By all means change the system to restrict chain migration and the lottery. Those two issues are subject to negotiation. But the deal should be fix the border and in return, fix the Dreamer mess.

And that I think will be the deal. Because, both sides can claim a political win.