Immigrant entry for all is not sustainable: Varney

In Europe, and now America, immigration has become a divisive issue. On both continents, poor people, from neighboring countries are banging on the door. They all want in.

Both Europe and America are rich, so what is our obligation to our neighbors who are poor, or whose societies are in chaos? Humanitarians say: let them in. And if they enter illegally, let them stay.

In my opinion that is not sustainable. Immigrants today are entitled to all kinds of benefits, expensive benefits. It sounds crass, but we can't afford to pay for millions of people who would flood across the border if we open the door. And to be really crass: why should we give away our wealth to people who have not contributed to it. A welfare state can't have open borders.

Look at Guatemala, El-Salvador, Nicaragua and parts of Mexico: they are in dire poverty, riddled with violence and corruption. Thousands of people make their way north. More are coming.

What will we do if and when they arrive on our southern border? It’s at that point that Democrats lose their advantage. They've scored points with the separation of families. But what will be America's reaction when confronted with the same kind of migrant surge that broke Europe wide open?

The politics of immigration may shift, just like Europe. The wall will look much more attractive.

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