Illegal immigration will explode if we don't build the wall now: Varney

Does President Trump trust the Democrats on immigration? Should he trust them?

It’s a fair question, after that extraordinary, public negotiating session in the White House yesterday. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said let’s deal with the Dreamers first. Let’s do DACA first, and then move forward with a commitment to "border security.”

In other words, give us DACA now, and we promise to build the wall later.

The president said, okay, let’s do it that way.

Watch out! There are some glaring examples of Republican presidents giving in to Democrat demands, with a promise that they will come through for Republicans later—promises that were not kept.

Why should we believe those promises now? You can see it coming a mile off. The wall, or "border security" as it will be called, will be negotiated to death. Will it be a fence, a "barrier" or a real wall? Can we afford it? If the Mexicans don't pay, why should we?  And of course, it’s racist, so the left will bring in California courts to stop it.

That leaked memo spelled it out: The Democrats need to keep the Dreamers in to ensure electoral success in the future. They'll do anything to help illegals, and they'll do anything to stop the wall.

Truth is, if we don't build the wall, we'll be back with a huge illegal problem all over again in a couple of years. Everybody wants to be here, legal or not. It’s got to stop.

The immigration deal should be straightforward: The Dreamers stay, and the wall is built. Hammer it out now, and don't accept anybody's promise of action down the road.