If tax cuts work as promised, Trump will be re-elected: Kennedy

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Economic growth could get Trump re-elected in 2020: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy on why economic success will be key to getting President Donald Trump re-elected in 2020

Sometimes it seems the president can do no right, but that doesn't matter as long as business is booming, wages are up and people are working. Remember when he said this?

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Love him or hate him, worship or despise him, for all his missteps, foibles, ticks, tantrums and flaws, if the economy continues to do well not only will he not be impeached, he'll get re-elected in a landslide in 2020.

People didn't vote for a Republican last November. They voted for a parachute from a burning plane that was the dragging economy, stagnant wages and decades of broken promises from self-serving politicians. People aren't tethered to a party. They're looking out for their own bottoms and bottom lines.

The Dow is up 5,000 points this year, GDP growth has had two consecutive quarters of at least 3% growth, wages are up 2.5%, unemployment is down to 4.1% and consumer confidence is at a 17-year high. This isn't theoretical. People are feeling it. If this tax plan does half of what's promised, the economic engine is primed to go from zero to 60 by midterms.

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This is not by virtue of what government has gotten right: Congressional Republicans are a parliament of drooling boobs, the president is like some unhinged babbling grandpa, and the groping perverts from both parties have their handful of resignations. Perhaps the best thing this president has created is a deregulatory environment that proves not only is the sky not falling, it might be boosted and blue from fewer nitpicky distractions and regulatory handcuffs that stifle growth and squash dreams.

Handcuffs are for bondage and bachelorette parties, and it would be utter sadism to try to change people through force of government. If only the pencil pushers could find a way to cut spending and further limit their scope, they have to be disappointing to illustrate the great contrast between optimistic individuals and hopeless politicians.

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