Identifying the good and the bad in the caravan: Kennedy

How you see the migrant caravan probably dovetails with your view of human nature, and if you think humans are evil and flawed, chances are you see their trek as an invasion. On the other hand, if you consider yourself to have a brighter view of our species then maybe give a majority of these tired freedom lovers the benefit of the doubt.

If you're traveling 3000 miles with a bunch of rock-throwing a-holes, and you don't have a lot of money or opportunity, then chances are you're patient, determined and bound to work hard once you get settled. The President wants to keep the caravan from breaching the southern border, but I would implore him to try and hammer out a better vetting system that abstracts the good, hard working souls from the absolute idiots who deserve no place in our great country.

The government has proven inept at creating anything more than confusing, chaotic bureaucracies, and politicians are clearly only good at fanning the flames of emotionalism for short term, callous gain.

Instead of viewing the desperate and dogged as disease ridden, drug-pushing, terroristic rapists, why not commend their attributes and help them right the employment deficit where job openings outnumber workers by over a million. That means at some point you're going to *need* to plug some new spark plugs into our economic engine, and one of the consequences of a healthy economy is more people do whatever they can to participate in it.

Studies and history show a more amenable immigration system cuts down on the number of illegal immigrants who stay for good and suck resources from the entitlement state, whereas an aggressive system breeds more *illegal* immigration as prohibition of bodies, guns and booze shows over and over again the more you try to shut something down the more the problem grows.

It does not mean that everyone on the glory bound migrant wagon is stainless and blameless and deserves amnesty, nor does it mean we have to permanently close the border and retreat into recessionary isolation. It just means that we might have to cool the hot rhetoric for a second and make the best of a bad situation to make this country even greater.