I love Trump’s tweets, yesterday’s Mika tweet was fantastic, Ann Coulter says

There are mounting concerns President Donald Trump’s tweeting is hijacking his agenda and distracting from the administration’s focus on its economic growth plan.  But ‘In Trump We Trust’ author Ann Coulter disagreed, telling the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, “I’ve heard that argument, I love the tweets and yesterday’s tweet was fantastic.”

Coulter then weighed in on the president’s controversial tweet about MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski, saying, “Even my friends who disagree with me on whether the president should tweet were all calling yesterday’s thing, okay you’re right, after the Mika tweet he’s got to keep tweeting, it was fantastic.”

Coulter agreed that the president should be able to use Twitter to defend himself against the media.

“The idea that the aggression, the war between the president and the media, it’s fantastic, it’s been a one-sided war until now.”

When asked if the president’s tweets will enhance the president’s agenda on health care and tax reform, Coulter responded,

“Yes, it makes the media look even sillier than the Russia conspiracy theory. Do you think they’re talking about any of the president’s agenda on CNN or MSNBC because you’re not watching if you think they are?”

Coulter then said the media should, “rename themselves the smirking network, that’s all they do about Trump.”

When asked if the administration would be more effective without the tweets, Coulter reacted, “No, I do not think they could.  I think it’s fantastic, the people get to hear from the president directly.”

According to Coulter the media’s coverage of Russian meddling has grown tired.

“I can’t even watch MSNBC and CNN anymore, I’d rather have them talk about some dumb facelifts than have them talk about this nonsense with the Russian conspiracy theory.”