How Will Uncle Sam Spend Your Tax Dollars?

It's time. My friends, it's time. Time to quit talking... and start doing.

Because this Tax Day, it's pretty clear the problem isn't the money coming into Washington. It's all the money being spent IN Washington.

I'm going to solve the problem in 60 seconds, in 6 steps. Think it can't be done? Start the clock.

Step 1: Cut all government programs, each and every one, by 10%. Not off their growth... off their budgets. Now. Immediately.

Step 2: Cut all foreign aid, in half. It's pretty clear we can't buy our friends, but I'll be damned if I'm going to put down a deposit on their hate.

Step 3: Means-test all government entitlements. Not some. All.

Step 4: Raise the retirement age for collecting Social Security benefits from 67 to 70, in stages.

Step 5: Require all Americans pay to federal income taxes. Right now, 47% do not. It needn't be a lot...but everyone should pay something so that everyone has skin in the game.

Step 6: Outlaw deficit spending. Any politician who willingly goes over budget... goes to jail.

There you go. Sweet and neat. Daring and done. And you notice I haven't even brought up rejiggering our tax code. I very much favor a simplified rate structure -- even a flat or fair tax -- but for now, I want to focus on our spending. Then I'll deal with how and who we're taxing.

That's my latest spiel...