How using campaign rhetoric in Phoenix could hurt President Trump

Political infighting and a seeming return to campaign rhetoric could cost President Donald Trump some of his loyal followers if he continues to falter on promises made during the 2016 election, said small business owner and Trump supporter Bob Fleischer.

“It seems like he’s in campaign mode to me as opposed to getting things done,” Fleischer told FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo on ‘Mornings with Maria.’ “And I think that’s hurting us a lot.”

Fleischer’s comments follow President Trump’s speech in Phoenix Tuesday evening, during which he lashed out at the media for its coverage of his responses to the white supremacist led riots in Charlottesville, Virginia. Both Democrats and Republicans widely condemned the president at the time for saying there were “good people” on both sides of the protests.

In order to move forward, President Trump should focus on passing tax reform legislation and working alongside members of his party instead of attacking them, Fleischer said. If the Republicans can work together, Trump will maintain his base of people who are more business-oriented, he added.

“I don’t think the blame is all on the Senate, or McConnell or all Trump,” he said, “But I don’t think it’s going in the right direction right now.”

If Trump makes some positive steps forward in passing his agenda, Fleischer said he hopes to see business leaders work with the president again. Last week, Trump disbanded two of his White House business councils after business chieftains resigned in protest of his Charlottesville remarks.

“Most of us want him to win, think he can win, and if he can get the right policies in place, will win,” he said. “But it’s going to take some work, and he’s going to have to change his style a little bit in my opinion.”