How social media outlets suppress free speech: Kennedy

By OpinionFOXBusiness

Twitter is attempting to control society: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy expresses her dismay for hate speech and how social media outlets are suppressing free speech.

Hate speech is the worst, it really should be abolished and put in a vacuum packed rocket ship on a one way ticket to outer space so we never have to hear or see it again. No one should have hurt feelings, and no one should ever be disrespected, because disrespect is bad and hurtful and it is the basis for hate.

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But what is hate speech, and who defines it? For conservative rabble rousers like Alex Jones it's the bully nexus of modern social media who feel morally obligated to soften the edges of mean words. The great lathe of digital group-think has oppressed the popular button pusher - who has the habit of saying godawful things just to get attention - as YouTube, Apple, Facebook and Spotify are doing their best to scrub the ether of his unholy sins.

Now it seems like we're in a left/right scalp-gathering match where both sides are going tit-for-tat to ruin people's lives. I have no doubt Roseanne, Sarah Jeong, James Gunn and James Woods have all said really stupid, hurtful, idiotic, messed up word turds that collectively add up to a ferocious and putrid dung pile of impulsive nonsense; but should they all be banned and banished? No!

Do you really want elitist, new money leftists determining your taste? Does attribute free, saccharine steeped content sound at all inviting? Oh hell no! In fact, it stirs up new levels of rage, and dare i say...hate!

As twitter suspends the accounts of Daniel McAdams, Scott Horton and Peter Van Buren, they are not safeguarding the world from toxic, predatory evil doers. They are attempting to control thought, conversation and ultimately society by white washing sharp minds who dare penetrate the well crafted bubbles of people who've mistakenly bought into the notion that's it's somehow better to be intellectually safe than challenged. And that the world can only tolerate one safe lane of expression. Words are not deeds, but oppression and social engineering by force are the dirtiest deeds of all.