Home Depot Co-Founder: There is Something Wrong with Republicans

Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus continues to support GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, despite the recent audio tape that leaked of him degrading women.

The video, first published by the Washington Post last Friday, has caused a firestorm for Trump, who apologized for his comments on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and during Sunday’s town hall debate. Marcus believes that Republicans should look past the audio tape and focus a little more on the issues at hand.

“The world is in terrible shape. This country is not in good shape – 75% of the people agree that it’s not in good shape and we see this calamity that is happening overseas with ISIS, all over the Middle East. And we are talking about what he [Trump] said 11 years ago and this is what our world is based on? Come on, get real Republicans,” Marcus said to the FOX Business Network’s Liz McDonald. Marcus explained that he would still support Trump as long as it kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House. “I cannot support what she [Clinton] is going to do to the economy, what she is going to do to the Supreme Court, how she is going to create jobs in America. I just can’t see that and I don’t think that it is going to happen,” he said.