Home Depot Co-Founder: Republicans will lose control of the house next year

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Home Depot Co-Founder Ken Langone on Friday discoursed about why he feels the Republicans will lose the House next year and how the media is trying gain back its relevance.

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“The best way they [Democrats] can be relevant in their minds – I don’t agree with it – is to be an obstructionist…The Republicans, on the other hand, have skin in the game… If we don’t get some significant acts, things done, we’ll lose control of the House next year,” he said during an interview on Wall Street Week with Maria Bartiromo.

The billionaire investor also discussed how media outlets are trying to improve their reputations after the 2016 election.

“What happened last November was the public said ‘the hell with you media, I’m voting the way I want to vote’ and they were shocked,” he said.

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Langone believes the media needs to be more objective in order to gain back their “relevance.”

“When I read the New York Times… the headlines in the front are more rather than an objective statement, a fact, they are subjective. They are like the editorial page,” he said.

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