Home Depot Co-Founder: Need to Create Jobs in America

Home Depot (NYSE:HD) Co-Founder Bernie Marcus thinks one of the most important issues the next presidential administration should focus on is the state of the American worker.

“Trump was voted in for one reason only. And that’s because Democrats forgot that working America is suffering. That these people out there who are working for jobs have had less money in their payroll for the last eight years. Their expenses have gone up with Obamacare and everything else…and I think that we need to create jobs in America,” he told FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

Marcus, who co-founded Home Depot in 1978, used the nearly 400,000 employees at the hardware store as an example.

“These kids have not had a break,” he said. “These kids are making less money than they ever did before because more is coming out of their payroll. And I think that that’s who we’re concerned about — working America.”

The former executive added that he thinks the wealthy should pay more in taxes, and that attention needs to be given to the national debt.