Home Depot Co-Founder Bernie Marcus: Sen. Warren is a Job Killer

The mounting political rhetoric against corporate America is a message that continues to spread throughout the campaign cycle.

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During an upcoming appearance on the FOX Business Network’s Wall Street Week, Home Depot (NYSE:HD) Co-Founder Bernie Marcus discussed why Hillary Clinton has consistently attacked businesses and thinks the Democratic Party is misrepresenting the American people by suggesting government is the best job creator.

“Who employs people in America?  I think business, isn't it?  Or, I don't know where Hillary comes from.  I don't know where Elizabeth Warren comes from, because she's really going to be the pseudo-president if Hillary's elected. Jobs are created by business, and attacking businesses doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense, but it tells you where Clinton's head is and where her agenda's going,” Marcus said.

Marcus thinks the catalyst for job creation comes from the entrepreneurial spirt of the small businesses idea that can only flourish with less regulation and taxes from Washington. According to the Home Depot Co-Founder, Obamacare is destroying small businesses with its dramatic rate increases that provide their employees with less coverage for more money.

“It seems to be that Washington is working on how to hurt people and how to keep jobs out of America.  I don't get it.  I mean, I'm a businessman. I've worked for the last 55 years creating jobs. I think that I understand how to create jobs, and the way to create jobs is not the way they're doing it. Hillary is talking about taxation,” he said.

When asked what he would say to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s counter point of starting a Home Depot in today’s low interest rates and regulatory climate, Marcus said, “Elizabeth, I don't know what you're smoking, but I would give it up because something's wrong with you. This is a woman that doesn't have a clue -- a single clue, on what it takes to run a business. She doesn't have a clue. She doesn't know what she's talking about, and most of the party, by the way, is in the same mode. They don't have a clue. I am telling you as a businessman -- listen to me, Anthony -- as a businessman, a guy who has hired and trained and created a business, they don't know what the hell they're talking about. Simple as that.”

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