Hillary Clinton’s life is a facts-free zone: Kennedy

What happened Hillary? Your gums kept flappin’, that's what happened. The former secretary of state and presidential loser took to the Yale commencement stage and proceeded to bore the crowd to tears by blabbing on and on about her own failures.

Let me get this out of the way: No one cares. Your sour grapes-fueled pity party lacks any shred of wisdom or humor, and it sure as heck doesn't pay those student loans.

Can you imagine anything less inspiring than the mentally deficient ramblings of someone who is re-living the same day over and over again? With her clumsy, lame attempts at humor and her forced, folksy references, she sounded like a self-important dinosaur whose gaping psychological wounds are about as interesting as a staph infection and twice as stinky.

She dropped some political pearls throughout the verbal droning that were as insightful as a wet fortune cookie.

Freedom of the press? She caged her press gaggle in a rope pen during her losing campaign, and hasn't stopped blaming the press on her nonstop book tour.

And as far as facts and reason: this from a woman who claimed to have landed in Bosnia under sniper fire, said she was "dead broke" after signing a multimillion-dollar book deal, and that she never sent or received any material that was marked classified on her email server. Her life is a "facts and reason" free zone!

And now she's carving out a special place in hell by campaigning against Cynthia Nixon, who would be the first female and LGBT governor of New York.

The only sniper fire is the constant barrage of her own BS, and there's nowhere to take cover from that storm.