Hillary Clinton to Silicon Valley: The Government Needs Your Help

Clinton calls on Silicon Valley to help prevent radicalization

Hillary Clinton discusses how Silicon Valley can help prevent the recruitment and radicalization of would-be terrorists.

Hillary Clinton told reporters on Monday in White Plains, New York that more needs to be done to prevent lone-wolf attacks.

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“When I met with the distinguished group of national security experts…  both Democratic and Republican…they made a very strong point that the recruitment and radicalization that goes on, online, has to be much more vigorously intercepted and prevented,” she said.

The former Secretary of State also said Silicon Valley should play a bigger role in helping the government “intercept and prevent radicalization and recruitment.”

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“I think we are at the beginning of that, but there’s much more we need to do and the government cannot do this without the close participation of tech companies and experts online who can give us the tools and lead us to those who are attempting to promote attacks like we’ve seen,” she said.

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