Hillary Clinton still can't accept election loss: Varney

Hillary Clinton just can't let it go. Sixteen months after she lost the election, she keeps running into trouble when she tries to explain what happened.

Over the weekend, she tried to clarify the remarks she made in India, and in many ways, just made it worse.

She still says the women's vote is swayed by men, more so than the men's vote is swayed by women. In other words, conservative women often don't think for themselves. Really? Don't say that to the Trump-voting women I know.

It was a long post on Facebook. Very defensive: if she had won, she would have focused on the "real needs of hard-working, struggling Americans.” Okay, but that’s exactly what the winner, Donald Trump has done! Wages rising, pay checks up, bonuses for millions, millions of new well-paid jobs. A growing economy.

If she had won, and continued her distributionist policies, does anyone believe we would have achieved all these fine things for the economy? No. The Obama-style policies would not have gotten us out of the doldrums.

And all of these defensive explanations come with a terrible backdrop of scandal. As she was posting on Facebook, the full extent of subversive FBI activity, in her support, was coming to light.

Democrats are worried by all this. They already have to deal with Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s "crumbs" comment – not easy. And now they are embarrassed by their failed candidate who won't go away. Top Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin says her comments were wrong, and "not helpful at all.”

And the Republicans? Very happy. Hillary and Nancy are perfect together. Two gifts that keep on giving.

One last point: according to the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, President Trump's approval rating is now at 43%, and it keeps rising steadily.