Hillary Clinton is obsessed with the president: Kennedy

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Hillary Clinton accuses Trump of copying her 2016 campaign slogan

FBN’s Kennedy discusses how former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused President Trump of copying her 2016 slogan “Stronger Together.”

The nation's most desperate and pathetic armchair quarterback is at it again. Hillary Clinton is unnaturally fixated on the one that got away, and I'm not talking about the White House. She's obsessed with the President!

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She was watching last night's El Paso rally like a gape mouthed cow, *waiting* to insert herself into a story no one's writing about her, and finally found her entree when the President said this:

"I love this state, and I love the people of this state. We have a great romance together, and we are only getting stronger together!"

As you remember, "stronger together" was one of Clinton's failed campaign slogan's, and also the title of the most uninteresting book ever written by her and Tim Kaine. It is a piece of literary Ambien that deserves boredom burning.

The perpetual candidate and two time loser, three if you count being saddled with her husband, tweeted this morning

"Now copy my plan on health care, a fairer tax system and voting rights"

No thanks! No one cheats off a loser.

Her tax plan is a pathetic garbage pail of warmed over populist leftovers: big taxes to fund even bigger, more expensive government programs, also known as failures-in-waiting. Employing the Buffett rule to gouge high earners, also known as "winners", to fund "progressive investments". Oh gag me with a silver spoon, you corporatist hypocrite. I know she's running for president again, but she'll once again lose the war of electoral attrition as she won't even make it through the primaries as her party's nominee.


Her rotten health care plan piggy backs on Obamacare, which is like curing rosacea with chicken pox. Government broke health care by conflating it with health insurance, and expanding already strained entitlements and throwing more government at a system ruined by too much of it is short sighted on the verge of criminal.

The Democrat party is only "stronger together" by turning their collective back on its fast-fading star. By pretending everything is about her does little to materialize her almost presidency, but the thought of another humiliating loss makes me want to indulge her delusion. On that, I'm with her!

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