Hillary Clinton had no problem seeking Russia’s help to sink Trump: Kennedy

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Clinton has lied repeatedly about funding the dossier: Kennedy

FBN’s Kennedy on the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC’s involvement in the Russian dossier.

Hillary Clinton is gross and damaged, and we're learning she and the DNC paid former British secret agent Christopher Steele to unearth dirt on President Trump.

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Moments ago on Lou Dobbs, the president said Hillary is now running for cover.

So how did this begin?

Back in the good old days when 17 Republicans were routinely knocking the crap out of each other on debate stages, cohorts of one of the lesser energy candidates supposedly paid scum wrangler Fusion GPS to come up with the goods on everyone's favorite political bad guy, Donald J. Trump.

The high profile unicorn was about to make the successful leap from player to politician, and there were plenty of cesspools to wade through—as well-funded Republicans soon found out.

When dynastic candidates started dropping out of the race, there was no need to rake muck on the nominee, so Fusion GPS went to the next lonely bidder: a Democratic lawyer who had a handsome retainer from both Hillary and the DNC.

The blunder twins foot the bill for Trump's fetish folder and British private dick Christopher Steele was officially in business. And hence a pee-pee primer was born.

The weird part is, if creepy Moscow bathtub parties aren't odd enough for your salty political peccadilloes, the FBI reportedly kept working with Steele after the election, trying to get more dirt on then president-elect Trump. After the lurid, urine-soaked document was published and Steele was outed as its author, the FBI fled the scene, Comey was fired, and Hillary blamed him and the Russians for her unceremonious defeat.

It's obvious Comey hated Trump so much he would go to any means necessary to bring him down, including employing questionable actors to indulge his confirmation bias about the coarse commander in chief.

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Hillary and the DNC have repeatedly lied about their part in funding the dossier, but they had no problem sliming around with Russian vermin to sink an opponent with a filthy anchor, as opposed to winning with likability and good ideas.

The state of our political union is repulsive: the presidential quest is filled with disgusting, desperate narcissists who will stop at nothing to kill reputations to live another election day.

If this activity continues, the only guarantee is the union will crumble under the weight of barnacles, bottom-feeders and lowlifes if they're the only ones who seek the highest office.

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