Hillary Clinton divides Americans by attacking female voters: Sebastian Gorka

Fox News national security strategist Sebastian Gorka on Monday said that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has further divided the country over her comments toward women voters.

“She hasn’t learned anything in the last year and a half…she just continually divides Americans and can only see us in terms of division,” Gorka told FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs.

During Hillary Clinton’s trip to India last week, the former presidential candidate claimed that part of the reason she lost the 2016 election was due to female voters’ inability to stand up to their men and vote against then-candidate Donald Trump.

Clinton took to Facebook on Saturday saying:

“Do I believe that some women look at a powerful woman and question whether she can lead, maybe voting for the man their husband is voting for instead? It may not be universally true or easy to hear, but yes, it’s a dynamic still at play in our society…”

This isn’t the first time Clinton has been under fire for blaming voters for her 2016 election loss. During the campaign, Clinton called Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables,”which arguably set the tone for Trump’s victory.

“This is why she lost. This is why a rank outsider who’d never been a politician before, not only defeated 16 RHINOs, but defeated a woman who spent $1.4 billion on a seat that she thought was owed to her because of her gender [and] her last name,” Gorka said.