Hillary Clinton can't get over losing to a man like Donald Trump: Stuart Varney

You won't read this in The New York Times: The Democratic Party is a mess. It is leader-less. It is bitterly divided, and now it has to deal with a failed presidential candidate who just won't go away... Hillary Clinton.

She's got a book coming out. What she says in it is not going to make Democrats happy. She blames Russia. She blames the FBI's James Comey for her stunning defeat.

But what's making headlines today is her account of the second presidential debate. This was the encounter where the two candidates could walk around the stage. Clinton says Trump was "looming" behind her, breathing down her neck. She says she didn't know what to do - pause or turn around and say, "Back off you creep".

Two quick points: First, she had prepared for the debate, using an aide whose job it was to rattle her. She couldn't see Trump coming?  She hadn't prepared for his physical presence, regardless of whether it was looming or not? That’s kind of a metaphor for her poorly organized campaign.

And second, this use of the word "looming", that’s another metaphor. She couldn't see Trump looming in the campaign, steadily gaining ground while she took time off in August to raise money from the elites encamped in the Hamptons.

The insider gossip among Democrats is, “Oh please, go away”! Senator Schumer said as much when he said she'd blamed everyone but herself.

So why is she doing this? I'm going to speculate: Hillary Clinton can't get over losing to a man like Donald Trump. She can't believe she lost to him so she scrambles to deflect the blame. And in hindsight, calls him names.

No wonder Democrats are walking away, shaking their heads, hoping that soon she really will be gone.