Herman Cain Says 'Anonymous' Wants to Determine the GOP Nominee

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain weighed in on the growing number of protests against front-runner Donald Trumps’ potential 2016 nomination.

“Let me get this straight, Anonymous and Black Lives Matter want to determine the Republican nominee? I don’t think so; especially if it is Donald Trump. Secondly, he hasn’t sown up the nomination yet, but I happen to believe that he will go into the convention with 1,237 delegates in order to secure the nomination,” Cain told FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

Cain then addressed the Black Lives Matter movement specifically.

“It is a non-movement that has two objectives: destruction and distraction.  They don’t really have a mission, because all lives matter.  So it is a threat that I believe the Trump organization is going to ignore.”

Cain weighed in what is needed to stop the threats of protests and riots.

“This establishment Republican group that is trying to stop Trump, they ought to stop trying to derail Trump, because what is happening – this group, Black Lives Matter and all these other groups – they see a crack in the Republican Party, and it’s real.  If the Republican Party comes together and just simply say, ‘whoever gets the most number of delegates win and we will support the nominee,’ I believe that will make the threat of riots and violence by these other groups minimal.”

Cain then discussed the increasingly divisive language on the campaign trail.

“Identity politics in terms of pandering, this is what the Democrats are good at; pandering to different groups to attract Democrat votes, and particularly the black voters and then identity politics in terms of trying to divide us with violence.  I didn’t hear any outrage when Bernie Sanders said, ‘we’re in the midst of a political revolution.’ Did he mean that figuratively or non-figuratively?  Now all of a sudden Donald Trump uses the word riot and it’s a big uproar, it’s hypocrisy.”

On whether President Obama should speak out in an effort to squash some of the vitriolic language, Cain said, “He has the bully pulpit, he can say, ‘we don’t need violence or the threat of violence in this presidential election.’” Cain continued, “He can say something, but I doubt if he’s going to say something.  But as soon as one incident broke out at a Donald Trump rally he had something to say.”

Cain also discussed what is attracting support to Donald Trump’s campaign.

“Donald Trump is viewed by his supporters as a leader, a fighter and a winner. That’s what they see, they are ignoring all the political noise.”