Here’s What Jill Stein Would Say To Clinton in a Debate

Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein weighed in on a judge dismissing the third party lawsuit seeking to be a part of the presidential debate.

“I’d say it’s not a blow at all.  This is what the court has been doing for a long time.  The American people have been clamoring for a real debate, not just the two parties who control the debates.  The Commission on Presidential Debates is actually a private corporation run by Democrats and Republicans, so it’s no surprise they control it,” Stein told the FOX Business Network’s Kennedy.

According to Stein in an election that has been particularly divisive and anti-establishment it is an even greater priority to include Gary Johnson and her in a debate with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“In this election above all, the American people are absolutely screaming for more voices and more choices.   We have the most disliked and untrusted presidential candidates in history and both Gary Johnson and I need to be in that debate so the American people can know their choices.”

Stein then explained what she would say to Hillary Clinton if she is included in the debate.

“We’ve had enough of these policies that favor Wall Street and take us to war.  And it’s time for us to actually stand up for what the American people need.”

Stein also discussed her program to boost U.S. job growth.

“I’m the only candidate in this race that actually is calling for the emergency jobs program that we need right now to create jobs, get us out of this economic emergency.”

Stein weighed in on Trump’s economic plan he unveiled in a recent speech.

“I think unfortunately there is nothing new in his plan and it does not address the crisis that we have, the crisis of economic inequality, of growing poverty, of true job creation.  I would actually create an emergency jobs program that would put 20 million jobs on the table.  He’s got more giveaways for the super wealthy.  He does away with the estate tax which I call the ‘aristocracy tax’ that prevents this massive accumulation of wealth in the hands of very few.”

Kennedy reacted by asking, “But don’t you think people in this country have the right to try and become wealthy?”

To which Stein responded, “Absolutely, yes they do, but if so much wealth is concentrating into so few hands it’s bad for all of us.  We cannot have an economy because so much of the money is in the hands of the very powerful and very few,” Stein continued, “We need an economy that is working for all of us, not just for the few at the top.”

Stein then responded to accusations that she is anti-vaccination.

“I know of no evidence linking vaccines to autism which is the big concern.  This is a smear campaign, this shows how scared they are, they’re trying to divert the agenda, divert the discussion to a position I’ve never taken.  I have never been anti-vaccine.”