Here’s what Gary Cohn won’t do next

Since his exit from the White House in March, many have wondered what’s next for the president’s former top economic adviser, Gary Cohn.

While he has made no decisions about where he will land next, he told CNBC in an interview on Tuesday that there is one role you won’t find him filling.

“There’s an enormous amount of board opportunities, if you want to do board work … I’m less inclined to do board work for existing companies,” Cohn said, adding that he really enjoyed the time he spent working with young entrepreneurs, including Tesla founder Elon Musk.

The former Goldman Sachs banker also said he wouldn’t necessarily want to serve as the CEO of a business, but is working on his own idea for a digitzed banking company.

Cohn said over the past two months he has been involved with philanthropic causes, but is “taking his time and seeing what’s out there in the world” when it comes to his next career move.

Cohn hadn’t responded to a request for comment from FOX Business at the time of publication.

He resigned from his White House post in March in the wake of the administration’s decision to announce steel and aluminum tariffs. There were reports of tension between Cohn and the top trade adviser, Peter Navarro, with the former being a more fervent supporter of free trade.

Cohn told CNBC that he is “anti-tariffs.”

Cohn was replaced as director of the National Economic Council by Larry Kudlow.