Socialism is 'evil,' its rise must be stopped: Heartland Institute executive editor

The indoctrination of students in K-12 schools is to blame for the rise of socialism today, according to Justin Haskins, executive editor at the Heartland Institute.

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Haskins told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney Monday that colleges, Hollywood and the mainstream media are culpable for perpetuating a sanitized, unrealistic version of socialism.

“Socialism is not charity. Socialism is about force, control and manipulation. Once people start to recognize what Socialism actually is, and I think you were just talking about Venezuela,” Haskins said. “Hopefully, people will see this as a cautionary tale and realize how dangerous socialism is and turn the other way.”

Haskins claims that socialism isn’t just harmful to the economy, but evil as well.

“It requires taking peoples’ property, property that they lawfully own, property that they worked hard to get, whether that’s money, their homes or their businesses. It requires taking that property and giving it to somebody else, for no other reason than because the majority of people in society say that’s what they want to do. To me, that’s tyranny of the majority. To me, that is immoral,” Haskins said.


A new poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News found that 18 percent of Americans have a positive view of the term, socialism.