Health care overhaul: We are going to reform Medicaid, says Rep. Roe

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Rep. Roe on the GOP’s push to pass a health care bill

GOP Doctors Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN) on the GOP health care bill.

Senate GOP leaders are moving towards a health care vote next week that would repeal and replace ObamaCare.

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Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday shed some light on the progress of the GOP health care plan.

“We are going to make every effort to pass a bill that dramatically changes the current health care law,” he said. McConnell went on to say that he plans on releasing a “discussion draft” of the health care bill on Thursday.

In an interview on FOX Business Network’s Countdown to the Closing Bell, Rep. Phil Roe, M.D. (R-TN) said they are aware of the parameters behind the GOP health care bill.

“We are going to reform Medicaid, it’s just how we do it and we know that the Affordable Care Act can’t continue like it is at least in many states across the union,” he said.

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According to Rep. Phil Roe, Tennessee is showing decreasing numbers on the exchange and the need to reform health care is vital to lowering cost and increasing the number of people who care covered.

“The prices are going up to where families cannot afford this without these very…subsidies so it has to be reform. We don’t have a choice,” he said.

Dr. Roe said pre-existing conditions are the deal breaker for him when it comes to the Senate’s health care bill.

“That’s already covered in Medicaid, Medicare and the general insurance market. We already have that, it’s only the individual market so that would be a hands-off thing for me,” he said.

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