Has the Clinton Foundation Become Hillary Clinton's Campaign Achilles Heel?

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway weighed in on the issues where Hillary Clinton is most vulnerable and calls by the Trump campaign to shut down the Clinton Foundation.

Conway pointed to the key issues that could weigh on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“She’s most vulnerable in owning I think the failures of these past eight years when it comes to foreign policy, America’s place around the world.  But also, you know what’s really striking to me, she is to the left of President Obama on an issue like immigration.  She has said that they favor executive orders which means, as a presidential candidate, she’s not even entertaining dealing with leader McConnell, or Speaker Ryan on an issue that’s so searing and so robust, so fully present as immigration,” Conway told the FOX Business Network’s Sandra Smith.

Conway then explained why Obamacare could be a major vulnerability for the Clinton campaign as well.

“She is very vulnerable on Obamacare.  The question for her is ‘do you own it, would you expand it?’ Are you going to go single-payer? What about the fact that UnitedHealthcare (NYSE:UNH) dropped out a billion dollars in losses, removed itself from 30 states?  What about the fact that Aetna (NYSE:AET) followed up with $430 million worth of losses, removing itself from 11 of 15 exchanges?”

Conway then weighed in on a Trump campaign statement calling for the Clinton Foundation to be ‘shut down immediately.’

“Why not?  First of all, they can donate $100 million to people in Louisiana who are in need, or other Americans who are in need, then they can shut it down.”

Conway viewed reports that the Clinton Foundation would stop accepting foreign donations if Hillary Clinton is elected president as implying Clinton is aware of a potential conflict of interest which should be ended now, not if she is elected.

“The idea that the Clinton campaign came out and said ‘if she is elected president, we’ll stop accepting foreign donations,’ is an implicit admission that it’s probably not a good idea right now, when she’s not president, to accept these foreign donations.”

When questioned why attacks on Clinton haven’t seemed successful or resonated with voters, Conway explained that that would change with the Trump campaign’s focus on facts and figures.

“The Clinton campaign and all of her supporters out there, they want this to be just about tone and temperament, tone and temperament, we want it to be facts and figures, facts and figures about Obamacare, facts and figures about energy independence, facts and figures about ISIS.”