Gwyneth Paltrow is a 'complicit fraud' in Weinstein allegations: Kennedy

Big game booty hunter and alleged rapist Harvey Weinstein is reportedly heading to sex rehab, but will he be prosecuted for his possible crimes?

Now that Harvey has become as disposable as the starlets he discarded after violating them, his former allies have come out in droves to bravely condemn his actions. But what took them so long?

Journalist Ronan Farrow was shut down by his own employer after working on the Weinstein story for 10 months, Matt Damon reportedly helped spike a New York Times expose over a dozen years ago, and writer Kim Masters had also been trying in vain to document Harvey's worst kept secrets.

The most egregious mutes include Gwyneth Paltrow, who was supposedly groped and harassed by Harvey when she was 22 and she apparently told her boyfriend Brad Pitt who had the nards and clout to confront the corpulent, buggering bully. How many times over how many years might Gwynnie have come forward to tell her story, spill the goop and save future victims?

Those assistants, interns, hopeful actors and writers whose lives and potential careers were ruined by Weinstein's serial sexual assault and legal battery. Coming forward after decades of movie projects, when you're an academy award winning multi-millionaire doesn't make you brave: it makes you a complicit fraud.

Shame on the scummy politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who accepted millions in bundling, untold favors and even an internship this year at the Weinstein company for the former first daughter.

Gee heroes, Harvey is festering, rancid and beyond damaged, now it's safe to make a stand.

How many victims were minted while editors, news directors, publicists, actors and politicians all sat on their manicured hands with their mouths sewn shut? Shame on all of them, and god help Harvey who will hopefully meet some long-deserved prison-style justice. The only question left for the ravenous coliseum crowd: who's next?