Green Party's Jill Stein Blames Louisiana Floods on Global Warming

Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein is blaming global warming for the devastating flooding in Louisiana that began over one week ago.

“We’re seeing flood after flood which is coming in at a level of a so-called a 500 year storm or 1,000 year flood,” Stein told the FOX Business Network. “And when you have a whole bunch of them, and we’ve had some devastating floods recently in West Virginia, in Texas. There was a so-called “rain bomb” over Phoenix recently. When you’re having so many severe storms and floods, you have to say there’s something going on here.”

However, Stein said it isn’t only flooding that in her opinion is being caused by rising temperatures of the global climate.

“It’s also the fires in California where we’ve seen 80,000 people who had to evacuate this fire that’s still not contained,” she said. “And we have heatwaves and we have droughts. You’ve got to connect the dots here. This is exactly what is predicted when the climate continues to warm with rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. So fortunately we can fix it.”

The Green Party presidential nominee said by getting rid of fossil fuels, Americans will be “much healthier.” She also explained how switching to cleaner energy can save money and create more jobs.

“We create three times as many through renewable energy. And this is the prescription and this is how we pay for it, that we save so much money that we get so much healthier because you may know we’re spending $3 trillion a year. It’s not a healthcare system, it’s a sick care system. But by switching over to a clean energy economy we get so much healthier, the savings in healthcare is actually enough to pay for the cost of the energy transitions.”