Government watchdog group could be the key to 'draining the swamp'

Throughout Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, he promised to “drain the swamp” and to end political corruption in Washington. An organization called could be the key to making President Trump’s promise a reality.

The government watchdog organization discloses the amount of spending at every level of government across the U.S. Recently, the website released a 40-page report called “Mapping the Swamp” that reveals all publicly disclosed federal salaries and bonuses of government employees for the 2016 fiscal year. CEO Adam Andrzejewski said Tuesday that his organization could help provide President Trump with data supporting his claims of government corruption.

“One thing that drives taxpayers crazy is the $1.5 billion worth of bonuses that are given out each year. So all of these agency heads and the president leading on this can bring forth civil service reform this year-we’ve got the data to back it all up,” he told FOX Business’ David Asman on “After the Bell.”

According to the “Mapping the Swamp” report, 29,852 federal employees make over $190,823 a year, which out earned each of the 50 state governors.

“These employees are scattered all over the country. We’ve got an interactive map of everybody all 2 million federal bureaucrats and we’ve mapped them by zip code, so you can see your little piece of the swamp anywhere across the country,” he said.

Federal employees also receive very generous benefits, the “Mapping the Swamp” report revealed that government workers receive eight and a half weeks’ vacation.

Andrzejewski said cutting back on government workers’ vacation time could easily save taxpayers $5 billion a year.

“Instead of eight and a half weeks paid time off; let’s cut it back to six weeks paid time off. That saves taxpayers $5 billion,” he said.