Gov. Rick Scott: Trump will Take Care of America

Governor Rick Scott (R-Florida) on Wednesday addressed a crowd at the Republican National Convention, speaking about party unity and reminding the country to strive for the American Dream.

Scott told the FOX Business Network’s Charles Payne on Thursday, he thinks in order for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to woo voters on the final night of the convention, his speech must focus on his lifetime achievements and how he’s raised his children.

“I’d talk about how he’s here for everybody, that he’s going to make sure this is a country where it’s fair, you have every shot to build a company, do whatever you like to do in your life as long as you’re helping other people,” Scott said.

Scott said he’s hopeful that Trump’s proven success as a businessman will help reverse a trend of fewer entrepreneurs willing to take big risks on their own American dreams.

“I was a business person never having been in office before,” Scott pointed out, drawing parallels between Trump’s campaign and his own. “Entrepreneurship is growing strong in Florida. We can do the same thing nationally if we elect Donald Trump and let him run the country like you run a business.”

Scott emphasized that Trump’s speech on Thursday must drive home the importance of job creation and increasing entrepreneurship in the U.S.

“I think people are tired of Washington,” Scott added. “They don’t think they’re getting something out of their federal government. We’re all paying a lot of taxes so I think they do want somebody that’s going to go in there and change things.”

Scott also said presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has failed the country before, leaving the door open for Trump to show Americans he can restore the economy.

“Hillary Clinton has no story,” he said. “She’s had her shot; she’s never created a private sector job in her life, never created a business. She had a chance to destroy ISIS, she failed, so Donald Trump has got the opening right here. He’s a business person and people believe business people can run things better.”