Gov. Rick Scott Launches Campaign to Rebrand Republican Party

Republican Florida Governor Rick Scott on Wednesday said dismantling government regulations is the best bet to jumpstart the U.S. economy.

“If we are going to get this economy going, the biggest thing you can do, tax cuts are very important, but it’s really deregulation and streamline the permeating process,” the governor said during an interview on the FOX Business Network.

Gov. Scott wants to take his message of deregulation nationwide through a series of ads he is chairing as part of a new super PAC that aims to rebrand and reinvent the Republican Party.

“I think the Republican Party should be the party for young people, open economy verses a closed economy, open government, open choice in school, open choice in health care, all these things. It’s a winning proposition,” he said.

Scott said he plans to carry the same message nationwide that won him many of the Hispanic and younger voters in Florida, a message he said they find of great importance and value.

“You take the Hispanic voter. They want to live the same dream we have. The dream is having an economy [that] is open to them where some regulation is not preventing them from starting a business or being hired.”