GOP will get tax deal done at the very last minute: Varney

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Democrats are desperate to stop the GOP tax plan: Varney

FBN's Stuart Varney on Democrats' efforts to stop the Republican push for tax reform.

Sen. Schumer: The tax plan is “a dagger in the heart of New York".

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Nancy Pelosi: The tax plan is just "giveaways to big corporations and billionaires"

Bernie Sanders: The tax plan is "morally repugnant"

Notice the extreme language? That seems like desperation doesn't it? Truth is, Democrats are desperate to stop the tax plan, because if it passed, it would be a significant win for President Trump, and the Republicans would be going into next year's elections with a growing economy, and a middle class with more money in its pocket. Gotta stop that, especially when the Democrats are in such disarray themselves.

They have no clear leader: Who runs in 2020?  Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard? All up-and-comers, but at the top shelf level? Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden? Hardly newcomers. Both in their late, late 70s by the next election. The Clintons? No way, but Hillary doesn't seem to know that yet. The Democrats are even floating Virginia governor and Clinton friend, Terry McAuliffe. That’s not a bench with depth.

Now it is true that the GOP is in disarray itself. Just read the comments on our Facebook page. And the fight over Roy Moore and the health problems of Sens. John McCain, Rand Paul and Thad Cochran are troubling from the Republicans’ point of view.

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But, the GOP has clearly gotten the message. The writing is on the wall and they've read it: Get it done.

My opinion: The Democrats’ extreme language is a sign of last ditch desperation. And the Republican Party understands they can't fail now.

So yes, I do believe the GOP will, at the very last minute, push this over the line. They will get 51 votes in the Senate. The tax deal will be done. The president gets his win.

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