GOP-led House approves spending bill with $5B for border wall

The House of Representatives Thursday approved a bill that secures the federal government will be funded through early February.

The Republican-led House bill includes the $5.7 billion President Trump requested for the southern border wall.

“If we don't have border security, we don't have a sovereign nation. And the fact that we stuck tough, we voted and we'll see what happens from here,” Rep. Ralph Norman, R-S.C., said during an interview with FOX Business’ Trish Regan.

The spending bill passed 217-185 with eight Republicans joining all 177 Democrats who voted to oppose the measure.

Earlier today, Trump released a video statement on Twitter saying he is “fighting very hard for border security” and suggested parts of the wall has already been built.

"We need the wall. The Democrats know it, everybody knows it," Trump said. "It's only a game when they say, 'You don’t need the wall.' ... They want to try and do anything possible to hurt us because of the fact it’s politics. I understand that. I don’t even hold it against them, except you should always put your country first and they’re not doing that."

The bill heads to the Senate where 60 votes is needed for passage, a grim feat with 49 Democrats strongly opposing funding for the wall.