GOP Healthcare Plan is Dead on Arrival: Rep. Brat

Rep. David Brat, House Freedom Caucus member, joined Neil Cavuto on the FOX Business Network to discuss the GOP’s health care bill to replace Obamacare.

Brat said the plan is dead on arrival before it even gets to Senate.

“You know, Congressman, there are 40 members in your House Freedom Caucus, I think. How many of them, as things stand right now, would vote against this in the House?” asked Cavuto.

“Oh a vast majority, plus the House Study Committee has 170 members,” responded Brat.

“So that would be defeated in the House, let alone worrying about the two or three Republicans who might peel off this Senate?” Cavuto inquired.

“Right,” said Brat.

“So this is dead on arrival,” asked Cavuto.

“Right,” answered Brat.

The new bill would replace all Obamacare taxes and subsidies with age-based tax credits and freeze Medicaid’s expansion in 2020.

Even so, Brat said the key issue is that it is a new entitlement program.

“Right now we are $100 trillion light on our promises. Social Security and Medicare are insolvent currently,” he said. “Guess who runs those? The federal government and politicians—I don’t think you want us running another entitlement program with your health on the line.”