GOP has the advantage in nation's top 3 electoral issues: Varney

November's elections will be fought around three issues: the economy, the Supreme Court and immigration. The Trump-led GOP has the advantage in all three.

Start with the economy. This is a hands-down win for Republicans. As of now, we are at a roughly 4% growth rate. Best in years. By November, the Trump team will proclaim that prosperity has returned. The Democrats have no serious response: They don't have a growth plan.

The Supreme Court: There's a lot of noise coming from the left: They are appalled at the idea that the liberal culture's dominance is coming to an end. The media will back them to the hilt. But they are ignoring the equally intense feelings of the Trump base: Millions voted for him precisely because they wanted judicial change. They like Justice Gorsuch. They want more of the same.

On immigration: Right now, the Democrats are enjoying the advantage that splitting families has given them. But that changes when the next wave of migrants arrives. And they will arrive: what will we do?  The left wants to let them all in. There's a campaign to abolish ICE. You think Middle America will agree to that?

Of course, anything can happen in politics in the next four months. There are no certainties.

But follow the trend on prosperity, the Supremes and the border, and things look good for Republicans. Trump's on a roll.