GOP group dedicated to electing Republicans at state level spotlight record fundraising haul

Republicans aim in 2022 elections to strengthen their upper hand in control of state legislative chambers

EXCLUSIVE: A GOP organization dedicated to electing Republicans to state legislative and executive offices across the nation is spotlighting what it calls a "record" fundraising haul so far this election cycle.

The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) announced on Tuesday that along with its strategic policy partner, the State Government Leadership Foundation (SGLF), raked in a combined $53.1 million in fundraising so far during the 2022 election cycle. 

The group, in sharing their fundraising figures first with FOX Business, noted that their current haul is $18 million more than they raised at this point in the 2020 cycle. And they highlight that the RSLC and the SGLF fundraising was fueled by $9.8 million the two groups brought in during the April-June second quarter of 2022 fundraising.

"With their wagons hitched to President Biden’s failed record of soaring inflation, record gas prices, surging crime, and indoctrination in our schools, state Democrats know that the only way they can beat back a Republican wave in November is by kicking their national liberal money machine into overdrive to spend their way out of a political peril," RSLC president Dee Duncan charged. "But the RSLC won’t let it happen."


Texas state capitol building

The Texas state capitol building, on Feb. 28, 2022 in Austin, Texas. The GOP controls both chambers of the Texas legislature. (Fox News  / Fox News)

And Duncan emphasized that "while we are ecstatic about the record pace of our fundraising so far this cycle, we’re determined to keep pushing our efforts to the limit, so we have the resources needed to stay on offense and hold Democrats accountable for their being in lockstep with Biden’s disastrous leadership." 

The RSLC showcased that their digital fundraising program continues to break records, with online fundraising the past three months up 55% from the second quarter of last year. The noted $2.3 million raised online, with 15,218 new online donors and an average digital donation of $25.58.

In the November 2021 elections, Republicans won back the majority in the Virginia House of Delegates despite being outspent by a two to one ratio, and they flipped seven seats in New Jersey's legislature from blue to red.

New Hampshire State House

File photo of the New Hampshire State House in Concord, N.H.  (Fox News / Fox News)

Republicans control 54% of the 7,383 total legislative seats throughout the country, according to the latest data from the National Conference on State Legislatures. And they control 61 of the nation’s 99 state legislative chambers (Nebraska is the only state with a unicameral legislature). They control 30 of the 50 state legislatures and have total control (state house majority and control of the governor’s office) in 23 states, compared to 14 for the Democrats.


The RSLC says it’s trying to flip state legislative chambers in Colorado and Minnesota in November’s elections, as well as make gains in Secretary of State and state Supreme Court offices.